Get Started

Welcome to Aleph.js!

If you're new to Aleph.js you should check out the about page.



$ deno install --unstable -A -f -n aleph


Create a new app:

$ aleph init hello
$ cd hello

Start the app in development mode:

$ aleph dev

Start the app in production mode:

$ aleph start

The application will start at http://localhost:8080 by default.
The default port can be changed with -p (or --port).

Build the app to a static site (SSG):

$ aleph build

This will export a static site to the output directory, which can be run standalone on any server.

See the hello-world example on Vercel.

Server features

  • Compile modules (js,jsx,ts,tsx,md,css,less...) and manage deps
  • HMR With React Fast Refresh
  • Serve API routes from ./api/
  • Server-side rendering of ./pages/
  • Serve Static files from ./public/ (mapped to /)

More usages:

$ aleph -h